With Tapematic’s new line IDM II, packaging manufactures can create unique pieces with an easy-to-manage, in-line process.

Ipcm Magazine – March 2021

The World’s First In-line Hot Stamping Decoration Module

The Tapematic IDM II is a fully automated in-line solution for the process of decorating substrates. Its design allows complex decoration in one continuous process, by linking and synchronizing multiple hot-stamping stations. It is thereby capable of endless color and shape combinations, and a serialization/variable data feature that allows any single item to be uniquely distinguishable.

Go Where No Others Have Gone Before

High precision mechanicals, state-of-the-art servo drive technology, and the latest software control development allow the IDM II to accept different sizes and shapes of objects, with multiple dimensional qualities, without any mechanical adjustment or intervention. Tapematic IDM II has been designed to be integrated into a modular line, such as the Tapematic PST Line II, combining metallization, decoration, and coating in a fully automated in-line solution.


Maximize Integration in Any Process

At the base of the IDM II concept is the use of a standard Tapematic mandrel commonly found on any Tapematic Line, allowing for easy integration in any further processing required, both before and after any manufacturing.
Technical Specs
Substrate maximum height
137 mm
Substrate minimum diameter
10 mm
Substrate maximum diameter
90 mm
Substrate maximum cone angle
Cycle time
Up to 4000 pcs/hr
Loading / Off loaging
6 individual manual station
Modular chain conveyor system
13 configurable positions Tapematic standard tray system
Quality Check
3D vision system
Clean room environment
Built in class 100 Hepa filter
Surface cleaning
Air deioniser and dust removal station
Brush cleaning
Multiple controlled brush stations
Flame treatment
Multiple controlled burners
High solid UV curable lacquer / paint
High performance spray coating system
Flash off
Controlled quartz infrared oven
Water cooled 3D UV lamps
Printing mode
360° rolling print (side), direct print (top)
Maximum print height (side)
117 mm
Inner foil diameter
25,4 mm
Maximum foil diameter
160 mm
Maximum print diameter (top)
90 mm
Foil handling
Electronic tension control. End foil, ripped foil sensor
Silicone flat dies
3D Serialization and decoration feature
400V 3Phase 50/6 0Hz 30 k VA
6 Bar 200 N l/min
3 bar 40 lt./min, 16-18°C, deionized, <10 μS
4000 m³/hr
European patent granted
EP3015176B1, EP2692450B1, EP3441148B1
European patent granted
EP3599030B1, EP3603818B1
United States patent granted
US9487857, US10889885
Modular Design

From Decoration On-Demand to Performance-Based

Whether by way of varnishing, pre-treatment or decoration, the object being decorated is never touched or manipulated by hand, resulting in a smooth production process and further increasing the line's overall performance. Thanks to a unique and innovative layout, the IDM Module performs best when connected to our BT Coating II varnishing module. It can perform the said decoration process either before or after the UV varnish layer station; and at the touch of a button!

Excellent Performance of an Innovative System

Trays travel along a conveyor between the different modules. Up to 13 parts are arranged on a single tray. New formats are quick and easy to set-up. Different configurations can be stored in the system for instant recall and fast changeover, enabling short production runs for greater flexibility.
Why Own an IDM II?


Its unparalleled capacity can automatically process up to 4000 pieces per hour, including cleaning and preparation, hot stamping decoration, serialization and UV coating.


In-Line Process

At the base of IDM II are synchronized hot-stamping process stations, capable of endless color and shape combinations, and a serialization/variable data feature that allows any single item to be unique.


Fully Automatic

Dramatic economic savings in staff and material costs, faster changeovers and a process free of operator variables are the advantages of a fully automated system.



An innovative feature emphasizing the superior capabilities of the IDM II is a serialization/variable data that allows any single item to be unique and distinguishable.


Less Reject

Automatic controlled processes ensure consistent results with fewer errors and fewer rejects,  ensuring the highest quality in the workflow.


Eco Friendly

Customers who have already installed a Tapematic model are now being recognised environmentally with Awards from around the world.


Quality Control

Quality control is fully automated and performed on every single item in order to guarantee total process control.


Modular Design

IDM II includes several modules integrated and dependent on the customer’s requirements and workflow.


Easy to Operate

New formats are quick and easy to set-up. Different configurations can be stored in the system for instant recall and fast changeover, enabling short production runs for greater flexibility.


Quality Built

IDM II is made in Italy by a manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for precision and quality.
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Modular Design
Why Own an IDM II?