Looking to the Future - for Over 45 Years

The field of machine manufacturing has witnessed many outstanding pioneering achievements. We are proud to be part of a long history that started in December 1970. On that day, Mr. Luciano Perego has begun operating in the record industry, offering an innovative system for loading audio cassettes. World events at that time naturally ensured there was much innovation and development in the industry. Still, no one could have foreseen that the founding of Tapematic would mark the start of an international success story. Tapematic has gone from strength to strength, with a name that has always stood for quality and innovation.
1970 – 1992

Early Years. Audio & Video Loaders

Our history as a manufacturer began with the launch of the first table loader for audio cassettes in 1970, followed by the first fully automatic audio loader in 1980. This revolutionary design will become the benchmark for the industry within a few years. In 1985 Tapematic became the official supplier of BASF for all types of magnetic tape loaders. This delivered the experience Tapematic needed to become a worldwide market leader in VHS tape loaders.

1990 - 2005

The Breakthrough. Optical Media Industry

The real breakthrough came in 1995 when Tapematic entered the optical disc market, presenting the first Compact Disc manufacturing equipment directly interfaced with the Injection Moulding Machine, equipped with Sputtering, UV coating, UV curing, Quality inspection, and decoration station. Tapematic installed more than 500 optical disc lines worldwide at the beginning of the new century.
2002 - 2015

Digital Revolution. The Digital Printing Era

In 2005, Tapematic presented the 2Print at the Fespa exhibition: the first Optical media UV Digital Printer. Tapematic praises more than 200 2Print units installed worldwide a few years after the launch. In 2008, Tapematic launched the CPrint, the first UV Digital Printer dedicated to decorating cylindrical objects, such as caps, closures, and pharmaceutical and cosmetic tubes.
2009 - Today

The Heritage of our Future

To complement the established line of equipment, Tapematic launched in 2010 the PST Line I, a groundbreaking in-Line 3D Sputtering Coating System capable of automatically handling metallization and UV coating. The PST Line I was improved year after year, and an additional model was introduced to the market in the second half of 2018, that being the PST Line II. More than 50 units have been installed worldwide, confirmation of Tapematic being the leading company in this sector.
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